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DJ Reddy Rell

Biography in English

DJ Reddy Rell "The Crossover King" is based out of the Lehigh Valley, PA, but is nationally recognized due to his career as a multi-city performer and his massive production within the mixtape game. Rell was dubbed the “Crossover King” simply because of his effortless ability to fuse different sounds, and techniques while also commanding several different genres in his queue; including hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, house, and electro which eventually led him to an interest in constructing his own remixes. Due to the success of his capability to essentially ‘mash’ such a variety of selections together, this interest eventually developed into a series of mix tapes. DJ Reddy Rell is responsible for the mixtape series, “Hip Hop TXL” & “Hip Hop Early” which can be found on the premiere mixtape channel, The mixtapes are comprised entirely of TXL Artists and ‘exclusive’ tracks according to his tastes at that moment. DJ Reddy Rell can be contacted for any inquiries at

Biographie en français

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